This site is a work in progress and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  So, come back often.

Many people are researching their French-Canadian ancestors in Trenton.  This site could serve as a central location to allow all of us to know what each of us knows.  If you would like to include your family on this site (free of charge), or to place a link here to your own website, please write to Cliff Venier,

As a start, the following families for which I have at least some entries have been included:  Brow, Burbo, Labelle, Lafeve, Mitchell, Reno, Rushlow, St Louis, and Venier.  My data is very incomplete compared to what I know is out there, and, hopefully, these families will become more complete soon.  Yes, I know you are out there.

There are also quite a few other French families for whom I have very little data:  Amo, Amiot, Boudrie, Charboneau, Chinevare, Compau, Dubuisson, Deneau, Girard, Labeau, Lafayette, Laforest, Laura, Mayville, Mettie, Mexicotte, Poupard, Reaume, St Amour, Shenavar, Tourango, and I am sure I have left out many others.  Hopefully, folks researching these families will also participate in this site.


SO, take a look at the Surname Index. If your grandparents or great grandparents are here, you can learn about their past and find close relatives you didn't even know you had.