This Census Index was prepared by Barbara Reno Caudillo and Cliff Venier. Even though has indexes to these same censuses, this one is superior because it is transcribed by individuals familar with the names in this local area, who can more accurately transcribe sometimes ambiguous handwriting. In addition, omitted 11 pages from the 1930 census that are contained here, listed Grosse Ile as Grosse Pointe in 1920, and misindexed people on one page of the 1860 Monguagon census as living in Ecorse.

There are 20,000 entries in this index. The index is an MS EXCEL file. You must have EXCEL or some other software which will read EXCEL to use the census index.

The index is alphabetized by Last Name, then First Name, then Birth Year. This should make iollowing a particular indiviual through the years easier.


When the access screen appears, select "OPEN". You can then browse through the index. If you find transcription errors, please report them to